Full name

Steven Andrew Barker




I was born with the art bug. My mother told me that I was 2 years old when I drew my first recognizable picture; it was Garfield. From then on, there wasn’t a safe piece of paper in the house. When we were 10 and 8 years old, my grandmother enrolled my brother and me in art classes. This was an experience that benefited us both greatly.

Throughout high school and my one year of art school at CCS in Detroit, MI, I honed my abilities and improved my techniques. From there, my primary medium became digital media. I took a position as a graphic designer at a sign shop in 2003, and started learning the Adobe suite. I’ve been creating graphic art ever since.

Currently I am working for a Marketing and Advertising firm located in Portland, OR. I am the resident designer and my focuses at work are mainly, storyboarding, concept art, graphic design, illustration, 3D modeling / texturing / lighting / animating / rendering, video editing, visual effects work, and photography.

I am not looking to find a new job but I will accept freelance work, so please feel free to write me with any kind of artistic requests.

Thanks :)