House model based off of the place I lived in off of SE Hawthorn and 47th for a modeling and animation class.

First modeling project of the converted gas station on NW 14th and Glisan. This is currently a Hawaiian restaurant now.

Modeling random objects. I chose my desk setup.

Hard surface modeling. We had to come up with a hard surface object and an organic object, so I thought ahead to try and pair the two.

Same hard surface model in an action pose.

First organic model. She was made to be paired up with the robot. There's a whole backstory and it relates to a Flaming Lips song, but it's too much to get into on here.

Yoshimi and her robot trainer.

All of this was pre-modeled for us. We had to come up with all of our own ideas for lighting and texturing.

Screenshot from a Cinema 4D animation.