I got to be very involved with this piece. I did the initial character designs, storyboarding for the live action, video editing of the footage, all of the roto work and green screen removal, a few of the added effects, adjustments / replacements of CG background elements to match the feel of the film, and the color correction.

For this piece, I did all of the video editing, roto work, some tracking work as well as some compositing, animation and final color correction.

This was the first project I got to work on at my current job. I did all of the video editing, color correction, roto work and some additional vfx assets.

This project was for the theme "the Chase." It was the most last minute idea, thought up on the bus ride to work, shot the day before class, and turned in on time, and I think it turned out pretty great.

Our assignment had 4 possible routes to go in, but my group chose the horror film style, and I was basically the director and producer of this film and a cameraman for a few of the shots. I also did all of the editing and special effects towards the end.

This was made for my film editing class. We were provided with large amounts of footage and an audio track, and it was our responsibility to combine it all into a short commercial type film.

For this project in my film editing class, we were given multiple takes from this shoot, and were to edit the shots down to work together, and make this as suspenseful as we could. I think I won a candy bar for most successful attempt.

This was for my audio class. We were given about 15 different clips of film with no audio and it was up to us to choose which film we were going to fill up with believable sound effects.